Organically farming our vineyards with a mindful commitment to sustainability. 
As a family owned vineyard, we are committed to biological farming principles where our vineyards are treated as a living system with soil health taken very seriously. This type of farming nourishes the vines as they interact with the environment.
Our practices are aimed at conserving our resources so that future generations may be able to enjoy what we have today. We promote sound farming practises and know that our efforts, while small, contribute to make a global difference. 
A distinct part of Rotherwood’s terroir are its altitude and strict organic farming practices which play a fundamental part in the integrity and distinct smooth flavours of its Pinots. At 690 meters the grapes enjoy warm days and cool nights which bolster the complexity and intensity of Rotherwood’s award winning wines.
Like a trip through time to the 1800’s, our observance of bio dynamic farming practices assure an avoidance of chemicals that allow Rotherwood’s grapes to thrive in a totally natural setting, void of toxins. What are we saying? Well, we don’t think you should drink insecticides, and therefore neither should our grapes.
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