Southern Highlands Wine Region

Rotherwood Estate Wines is located in one of the best wine regions in Australia, the cool climate beauty of the Southern Highlands in NSW. 

Grapes grown in cooler regions like the Southern Highlands typically have a longer ripening season. The fruit grows slowly in response to warm days and cool nights, and the sugar content develops slowly - so the flavours tend to be more subtle. Cool climate wines have higher acidity, less sugar (lower alcohol) and are usually lighter in body with fine balance. We grow varietals that thrive in cool climates, such as the Pinots (Noir and Gris), Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.



While cooler regions produce some of the finest wine in the country, challenging conditions including hail and frosts are always on our minds.  That is why we try to do all we can to ensure each grape reaches its fullest potential.

Organic Farming 

As a family owned vineyard, our grapes are grown in accordance with the principles of organic farming. We are committed to conserving our resources so that future generations may be able to enjoy what we have today. We practice and promote sound farming practices and know that our efforts, while small, contribute to making a global difference.

Best Vineyard Practices

While using latest mechanical and organic products, our avoidance of pesticides and herbicides allow Rotherwood’s grapes to thrive in a totally natural setting, void of toxins.  Our vineyards are treated as a living eco system. Soil health is a primary focus, because healthy grapes are a product of healthy soil.