2020 Harvest Fears for Southern Highlands

Jan 18 , 2020

Tasha Pratt

2020 Harvest Fears for Southern Highlands

Australia has seen an unprecedented fire season on an almost apocalyptic scale since October and sadly, this has affected so much of what the world loves about Australia. Our wildlife, our land, our people and our wines. 

The Southern Highlands region experienced its own fear when our vineyard, among many others, sat between 2 out-of-control bushfires and during one weekend, a mandatory evacuation was in place. 

We are grateful for all the support and assistance of the RFS and volunteers and thankfully, the fires are now being controlled due to favourable weather conditions. 

At this stage, the future of our 2020 harvest is up in the air which is sad because last year, we had one of our best seasons and were geared up and ready for another successful year. 

Whatever happens at this stage, we are grateful for all that we have been blessed with and rising above the challenges that come our way.

We will keep you updated.