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When the grape ripens, a new Pinot is born

At Rotherwood, we’re focused on creating conditions for every Pinot grape to reach its full potential. From its awakening on the vine to its harvest, the Pinot grape faces the most challenging of journeys because of its innate vulnerability. The very elements that foster its growth can turn in a heartbeat and prematurely terminate its painstaking excursion through the season. Yet as all wine connoisseurs know, it rewards us with nuanced complex flavours and ethereal tones. This journey could be the story of a pinot noir grape, part of a bunch on vine 10, row 35 at the Rotherwood Estate vineyard that hopes it’s going to be part of the 2022 vintage. This grape has already passed through several stages of development, including fruit set and enlargement. This year’s weather has been cooler than usual, so all bunches are behind, but soon they will pass through veraison (change colour), and then the ripening truly begins. The sugars will increase rapidly, and the sun and Rotherwood soil will add flavour.

What Makes Rotherwood a 'Seriously Good Wine'

  • Region

    Our Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc grapes do well in the high altitude, cool climate of the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. Each season is different with its own challenges. That’s what makes cool climate viticulture so exciting and the wines so rewarding.

  • Pairings

    Our award winning wines are distinctive, beautifully balanced and complex. Delicious by themselves, they also make ideal companions for most dishes. Try our Fumé Blanc with some South Coast oysters or a Pinot Noir with a classic roast chicken.

  • Delicacy

    Cooler temperatures and longer ripening periods allow us to produce elegant wines with supple tannins, balanced acidity and generally lower alcohol levels. We strive not just for harmony and finesse but for romance too.

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  • 2007

    Planted Rotherwood Vineyard

  • 2015

    Pinot Noir Trophy - NSW Wine awards

  • 2018

    First release of Pinot Noir Reserve